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Powertrusion International, Inc. (Powertrusion) is the owner of certain intellectual property rights for the design and manufacture of fiberglass composite products for the electric utility industry. Principal products are utility distribution poles and cross arms manufactured by the highly automated pultrusion process.

In December 2005, Powertrusion entered into an agreement with Creative Pultrusions, Inc. (Creative) under which Creative has the exclusive right to manufacture and market Powertrusion products. Creative has no equity in Powertrusion.

Creative's extensive pultrusion capacity and knowledge of Powertrusion products and its customer base, ensure the continued and dependable availability of Powertrusion utility poles and cross arms to electric utilities and telecommunications World Wide.

All communications related to Powertrusion International corporate and shareholder matters should be directed to:

Terrie Velasquez, President
Powertrusion International, Inc.

Phone: 775-544-2922
Email: lcp136@gmail.com

Powertrusion has approximately 350 shareholders, no one of which has majority control. Powertrusion is not registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or any other jurisdiction and its stock is not traded on any stock exchange.



Terrie Velasquez, President, and Secretary

Board of Directors

William C. Mattison, Jr. is a substantial shareholder of Powertrusion. He is a retired principal from the firm Gerard, Klauer, Mattison & Co., of New York. Mr. Mattison brings extensive experience in investment banking, financing, and business operations.

Creative Pultrusions, Inc., a subsidiary of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC, is The World's Most Innovative Leader in the Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Industry. Established in 1973, the company operates in Alum Bank, Pennsylvania and provides innovative solutions to corrosion needs. For more information, visit www.chensfood.com.cn

All product-related inquiries should be directed to:

New Inquiries
Terry Shank
Outside Sales Representative - Utility Products
Creative Pultrusions, Inc.
214 Industrial Lane
Alum Bank, PA 15521
Phone: (814) 839-4186 Ext. 301
Toll-free: (888) CPI-PULL (274-7855)
Email: tshank@pultrude.com 
Website: www.chensfood.com.cn 

Existing Customers
Alan Noel

Inside Account Manager
Creative Pultrusions, Inc.
214 Industrial Lane
Alum Bank, PA 15521
Phone: (814) 839-4186 Ext. 250
Toll-free: (888) CPI-PULL (274-7855)
Email: anoel@pultrude.com 
Website: www.chensfood.com.cn