COVID-19 - Creative Composites Group Companies Notices



March 18, 2020

Dear Customer:

Thank you for your concerns about our ongoing preparedness and response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Creative Pultrusions Continuity Plan considers a wide range of possible business disruptions, including pandemic scenarios which may affect our employees, and the ability to service our customers. Precautionary measures have been implemented company-wide with the aim of preventing the spread of germs, preparing our facilities for possible disruptions, and mitigating any impacts on customer deliveries.

Status of our operations
At this time, Creative Pultrusions is operating in the ordinary course. We are closely monitoring the guidance of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), and we are aligning our activities with their advice. Corporately we are monitoring and accessing developments and we are also in regular contact with local authorities to ensure an understanding of the full range of responsive steps being taken. If the status of our operations changes in a way that affects our customers, we will proactively communicate this. Please work with your sales contacts directly as this situation evolves and if you have any additional questions or anticipate changes to your operational status.

Measures we are taking
To date, actions taken range from focused communications on hygiene and preparedness, social distancing to minimize contact, eliminating noncritical travel, limiting site access to only essential personnel, and increased cleaning and disinfection to interrupt potential COVID-19 transmission routes. We continue to gauge the progression of this outbreak and will adjust our actions as appropriate.

Thank you for your continued business and support!


Shane E. Weyant
CEO / President






Per recommendations of our Safety Departments, Hill & Smith Holdings PLC and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), we are limiting any “nonessential visitation” to any of our facilities regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the United States. This applies to all Creative Composites Group Companies … Creative Pultrusions, Kenway Composites, Tower Tech & Composite Advantage.


Essential Visitors – Visitation that is essential to continue business practices as needed.


Nonessential Visitors – If the visit is not essential and can be conducted over the phone or web media applications such as Skype, Go-To-Meeting, etc.



In order to assure the safety and security of Company associates, its visitors, and its property and to ensure that only authorized personnel has access to the Company facilities, the following policies have been adopted: 



A. Passes: All non-associates on company property must be issued a pass by the appropriate administrative associate or receptionist at lobby area at all locations (Alum Bank, Augusta, Oklahoma City, Dayton). Passes shall be properly designated as "Visitor".


B. Off-duty Associates: No Associates are permitted access to the interior of the facility and other working areas during their off-duty hours. 


C. Visitors:

1. All visitors to the Plants or Offices must sign in and out according to the prescribed register. 

2. All visitors will be issued a visitor's pass which should be returned to the issuing party when signing out. 

3. Any unauthorized visitor failing to secure a pass will be asked to leave. 


D. Suppliers, Contractors, Delivery Personnel

1. Truck drivers will use their Bill of Lading as an acceptable ID; however, such persons shall not be permitted outside their normal areas of pick-up and delivery without being escorted by an appropriate associate. 

2. Delivery personnel (i.e., UPS, Federal Express, etc.) will be permitted to make their deliveries to the appropriate areas without a badge or pass, provided they do not go outside normal areas of pickup or delivery. 

3. Individuals entering Company grounds for the purpose of picking up or dropping off individuals will not be allowed outside of their vehicles unless they have been provided an appropriate pass.


E. Safety: All associates and non-associates are to comply with all safety rules, regulations, and policies while on company property or in Company vehicles. 


As we work through this issue, things are subject to change so please be patient and understanding of the issues at hand.