Pipe Piling

Pipe Piling

Creative Pultrusions, Inc. (CPI) is proud to announce the addition of SUPERPILE® Legacy Dock Pile to our waterfront product line. The 10" x 3/8" round pile was developed specifically for the dock pile market. SUPERPILE® Legacy Dock Pile is the ideal substitute for treated yellow pine and greenheart wood piles without the common issues associated with woodpiles including marine borer attacks, leaching, and long deliveries.

SUPERPILE® composite pipe piles were developed to fill a need in a market where an extremely tough, high energy absorbing round pipe pile is required.  The attributes of the SUPERPILE® satisfy the stringent requirements of the fender pile marketplace. The mechanical aspects of the FRP pipe pile, in combination with the corrosion resistance characteristics, and the fact that the fiberglass pipe piles will not rot, rust, spall or corrode makes SUPERPILE® the perfect FRP pile for your application.

SUPERPILE® has been extensively tested per the requirements of the Florida Department of Transportation (FLDOT) and ASTM at West Virginia University. The piles have been driven to refusal and analyzed in great detail with Pile Driving Analysis (PDA) techniques.

The piles have been approved by FLDOT and are listed on their Qualified Products List (QPL).

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PowerPoint Presentation

  •  Composite Waterfront Solutions for Marine Infrastructure -  Download | View

Case Studies

  •  City of Delray Beach Veterans Park Marginal Dock -  Download | View
  •  Ravenswood Bridge Fender -  Download | View
  •  Long Beach Boardwalk Replacement, New York -  Download | View
  •  Margate Bridge Installation -  Download | View
  •  San Francisco West Harbor Renovation Project -  Download | View
  •  VADOT Fender Rehabilitation Project -  Download | View
  •  Craney Island Fuel Terminal -  Download | View
  •  U.S. Navy San Diego Pier 12, San Diego, CA -  Download | View

AutoCAD Files

Data Sheets

  •  SUPERPILE? Pipe Pile Engineering Spectifications -  Download | View
  •  Pipe Pile Mechanical and Physical Properties -  Download | View
  •  SUPERPILE? Installation Manual -  Download | View
  •  Pile Driving Analysis -  Download | View
  •  SUPERPILE? 10" Dock Pile (TU440) -  Download | View
  •  Thermoplastic Pipe Pile Sleeve Comparison -  Download | View

Case Studies - White Papers

  •  Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Pile to Thermoplastic Wale Connection Creep Evaluation -  Download | View

Product Technical Brochure

  •  SUPERPILE? Technical Brochure -  Download | View
  •  SPLICEPLATE Fiber Reinforced Wale Splice Plate Brochure -  Download | View
  •  SUPERPILE? Legacy Dock Pile Brochure -  Download | View
  • CADdetails - FRP Legacy Dock Pile
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    ANSI Pole Class Test

    ANSI Pole Class Test

    performed at EDM International, Fort Collins, CO

    SUPERPILE? Vibratory Hammer Installation

    SUPERPILE™ Vibratory Hammer Installation

    Vibratory Hammer Installation of Pipe Pile

    SUPERPILE? Air Hammer Installation

    SUPERPILE™ Air Hammer Installation Video

    Condensed version of fender piling installation by VADOT