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Creative Pultrusions, Inc. contributed to the NIST Special Publication 1218 "Road Mapping Workshop Report on Overcoming Barriers to Adoption of Composites in Sustainable Infrastructure."

Executive Summary
The February 2017 “Road Mapping Workshop on Overcoming Barriers to Adoption of Composites in Sustainable Infrastructure” brought together designers, engineers, manufacturers, researchers, owners, and end-users to identify barriers and potential solutions...

This publication is available free of charge from https://doi.org/10.6028/NIST.SP.1218.

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Creative Pultrusions would like to make you aware that a new ASTM standard has been developed for testing fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) crossarms. Our technical team, comprised of ASTM members, leads the development charge, with the assistance of end-users, engineers, and fellow crossarm manufacturers.

The new ASTM D8019-15 has been developed for utility distribution and standards engineers, as well as the manufacturers of FRP crossarms. The document will ensure both utilities and manufacturers understand how FRP crossarms are to be tested and how the design information is to be presented and interpreted for design and quality control purposes.

To obtain a copy of ASTM D8019-15, please visit http://www.astm.org/Standards/D8019.htm.

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