Supergrate? Pultruded and Molded Grating Products

Supergrate? Pultruded and Molded Grating Products

Supergrate® Pultruded Grating is a high strength lightweight Fiberglass Grating system fabricated from highly corrosion resistant I or T bars. The I or T bars are connected mechanically and adhesively with a unique notch and groove bar system. The fabricated Pultruded Grating is extremely stiff boasting modulus of elasticity of over 5 Msi. The 65,000 psi bending strength means that this grating is built for strength. The combination of strength and stiffness give the Supergrate® attributes that are ideal for industrial flooring applications in which impact strength and toughness are daily requirements. 

Supergrate® Molded Grating is ideal for highly corrosive applications in which a larger % open area grating is desired. Molded Grating is ideal for applications requiring extensive cutouts for pipe, duct, and electrical penetrations.

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Data Sheets

  •  Supergrate? Pultruded and Molded Grating Products General Information -  Download | View

Supergrate? Pultruded Grating Load Tables

  •  Supergrate? Pultruded Grating Products Load Tables -  Download | View

AutoCAD Files

  •  Supergrate? Molded Grating -  Download
  •  Supergrate? Pultruded Grating T5020 -  Download
  •  Supergrate? Pultruded Grating T3320 -  Download
  •  Supergrate? Pultruded Grating I6015 -  Download
  •  Supergrate? Pultruded Grating I6010 -  Download
  •  Supergrate? Pultruded Grating I5015 -  Download
  •  Supergrate? Pultruded Grating I5010 -  Download
  •  Supergrate? Pultruded Grating I4015 -  Download
  •  Supergrate? Pultruded Grating I4010 -  Download

Supergrate? Molded Load Tables

  •  Supergrate? Molded Grating Load Tables -  Download | View

Case Studies

  •  Pulp & Paper Industry -  Download | View
  •  Oil & Gas Industry - Chevron Oil Refinery -  Download | View
  •  Mass Transit Industry - Lisbon Bridge -  Download | View
  •  Construction Industry - Beach Access Walkway -  Download | View
  •  Chemical Processing Industry - Enzyme Manufacturing Plant -  Download | View
  •  Chemical Processing Industry - Bleach Manufacturing Plant -  Download | View
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