Located in rural Alum Bank, Pennsylvania, Creative Pultrusions, Inc.'s (CPI) five buildings are spread across a 17-acre campus. The facility operates on a 24 hour, seven days a week work schedule, shutting down only for holidays and maintenance. The facilities are climate controlled and are well maintained by our facility engineer and staff.

Building One houses 18 pultrusion machines custom-designed to manufacture small, intermediate and very large pultruded panel and fiberglass profiles. The custom machines offer high roving capacity and high pull force enabling CPI to specialize in the production of large FRP profiles.

Building Two houses the office and fiberglass fabrication operation, which specialize in CNC fiberglass fabrication.

Building Three houses the stock building in which fiberglass beams, fiberglass structural shapes, fiberglass grating, fiberglass decking, fiberglass rod, and fiberglass panels are stocked for a quick turn around and exceptional customer service.

Building Four houses the state of the art machine shop which specializes in the manufacturing of pultrusion tooling. In addition to the machine shop, advanced fabrication of the fiberglass crossarms and fiberglass systems are performed in building four.

Building Five is dedicated to the production of Tower Tech Cooling Towers. 

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FRP Pultrusion Process