Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the best manufacturer of pultruded composites in the world. This will be accomplished through innovation, honesty, hard work & dedication in an environment of trust and enjoyment.


CREATIVE - technical innovation of products, processes & systems.

ACCOUNTABILITY - to customers, stockholders, employees, suppliers & the community.

STRONG WORK ETHIC - a dedicated, dynamic & flexible workforce.

HONESTY, TRUST & INTEGRITY -  follow the Golden Rule

President's Commitment:

"Creative Pultrusions, Inc. is committed to meeting the needs of each customer and delivering the highest quality service while protecting the health and safety of its workers... goals that have guided the company for more than 46 years.  As the World's Most Innovative Leader in the Fiber Reinforced Composites Industry, the corporation is committed to excellence and strives to provide an environment that encourages creativity and fosters teamwork.

Producing a pultrusion is more than just delivery of a part. It is the ability to work closely with the customer to design and develop a product that is cost-effective and provides satisfaction to the end-user. At Creative Pultrusions, our goal is to be the world's leading producer of pultruded components. We'll do it right...and right on time! That's our commitment!"

Shane E. Weyant
Chief Executive Officer/President
Creative Pultrusions, Inc.

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